Thursday, August 2, 2007

justice was served...

Last night the Ed Banger crew played a private show at the Viper Room with special guest Justice here in Hollywood. You had to be on a guest list to get in, and even then you weren't guaranteed access. Big thanks to the homie Glenjamn who hooked it up.
Got there around 11ish after my GPS gave me the wrong directions, and I had to walked about 6 blocks. Finally got there, and met up with the White Girls posse, Holly Hollyw00d, Glenjamn, and Nate Day. VGRNTS was enjoying a nice bottle of faderade while I sipped on some peppermint delight.
Meet some new people; Danii, Roxy, and Panda
Wow, Maria even decided to come out! That 3 times yo!
Made it inside after about a 20min wait, and it was for sure worth the wait. Beside the little guy who tried to fight me it was an amazing night. I almost want to say it was better than the Daft Punk Berkeley show (almost).

PHOTOS: Glenjamn, Cobra Snake


Glenjamn said...

ahahahahaha. nice.

SWITCH™ said...

i had the names mixed up (for that person that sent me the last comment...fixed now though)