Friday, August 17, 2007

weeeeeee dance right...

Last night Hassan, and I hit up the WeSC Fall Fashion Commencement (once again Chris was being a homebody). Not much to say, but there were a lot of people, and a nice amount of free booz (thanks Sean B).
Oh, this is Hassan's latest tee he did for OBEY called Hass Hammer. You can get yours through Digital Gravel now.Afterwards we went to Dance Right for about 2 seconds then bounced, but not before seeing our favorite psychedelic photographer Glenjamn.
Tonight is the Ice Scream party hosted by White Girls. Hassan and I helped Nate Day set up for the majority of the day, so come out and enjoy DJ's Nate Day, Windy City, Rockwell, Dan-O, No MSG. Oh yeah did I mention FREE BOOZ til 4am. Guest list is now closed, so if you're tryin' to roll holla holla holla.


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