Saturday, September 1, 2007

MCMLXXIV debut...

Today marks the beginning of something a little different in the street wear culture. The release of a new line yet to be named, but for now is going by MCMLXXIX will open the doors to a whole new way you look at a t-shirt. Brought to you by Mega of the Huf Set crew you can expect nothing but the best from this line to come. Let's let Mega explain a little bit about his new line.

As humans in our society we are trained to experience life with morals and dignity yet we are also poisoned by deception that leaves us unaware as to what really happens around the world to protect us. We mature and find ways to rebel and find the courage to fight for we believe in hence that causes internal and pain. In some places of the world people use art, music and fashion as a form of protest to fulfill a feeling of making a difference. The five tee's each symbolize a movement that will open doors to further understand what each design represents. In reality we will go through life not knowing about most conspiracies, secrets and hidden societies but we do have the opportunity to learn and use our sources to go against the ones that do know. "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"



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