Saturday, December 22, 2007

geek out...

I personally can't stand video games anymore because I just don't have the patients to sit there anymore. It may also be because there is just too much going on. Like if you want to walk straight you have to hold one button while pulling another, and shooting with another.

I was at GLENJAMN's spot the other night and one of his friends wanted to show us a Street Fighter competition. In my mind I'm thinking "oh great here's a sleeper". It was Street Fighter, a game that I'd grown up on, so I gave it a shot. Then he set the scene for us which then got me kinda psyched.

Let me set the scene. It's Ryu (player 1) vs Chun Lee (player 2). Each player has one win, and it's the last battle. Player one's (Ryu) life is just about gone, and is on the verge of loosing. You would think you should block the shots in order to save life right? When you block you lose half the health you would if you were to get hit. If you pay attention to the left side of the screen it says "tech bonus". Evidentially instead of player one doing so, he's parrying (ward off (a weapon or attack), esp. with a counter move) all of player two, (Chun Lee's) moves wasting no health. He even parries in the air. Here it is, so check it out for yourself, and geek out like I did.

Way craz right? If that wasn't enough then he showed us the preview for the up and coming Street Fighter 4 game for '08.

fuck blogs in '08 shunsters. geek out.

the end.

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