Friday, February 29, 2008

black scale: season 3...

“We wanted to welcome you to the 2nd chapter of the story. As humans in our society we are trained to experience life with morals and dignity yet we are also poisoned by deception that leaves us unaware as to what really happens around the world to protect us. We mature and find ways to rebel and find the courage to fight what we believe in.

Secret societies control the world. They always have and until people wake up and learn their secrets and how they control us, they always will. There are many secret societies in the world today and not all of them are on the same side. Some secret societies create both sides, and really work together although it would not appear so on the surface. From the earliest times of Egypt and the bricklayers of the pyramids, some secret socities have been the storehouse of information. To protect their trade and to retain the secrets, they revealed little information. One thing for sure, the most intelligent and powerful people that graced this earth were passed down knowledge that made them a genius or powerful and it didn’t come from inside them.”

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