Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the world is daft DVD release canceled...

"After lots of discussions, it has come to me that the best decision would be to stop thinking about releasing this DVD. All I can say is that I wasn’t told to stop by the Daft or EMI in anyways. The problem is and will always be about the samples that the Daft Punk are using in the tracks. Copyrights owners of those samples won’t never let me release this DVD in peace. So I took the decision to only create 4 examples of this DVD : one for me, of course, one for EMI, and two for the Daft themselves. It will now be their decision to, one day or another, release this DVD. I would like to say, one last time, thank you to all fans whome sent me videos so I can do my work. It is all yours. But as a final gift to you, I’ll take a “rendez-vous”, here, on this site, on June the 14, at 9 PM French Time for a final surprise. After that, I’ll shutdown this website."



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Glenjamn said...

didn't that dude know all this before he thought about selling it?