Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the hundreds sample sale s.f. recap...

Evening ladies n germs sorry for the lack of updates, but things have gotten a little busier than usual around the office. To catch yah up, I cruised up to the Bay for the weekend with The Hundreds kids for their sample sale. I had the boys drop me off at the fam's house, and I caught BART to the city the next day to meet up with them.

When I got to the sale around 9ish the line was already down to the end of the block, it had started to drizzle a bit, but that's nothing new in the city. I asked one of the kids (towards the MIDDLE of the line) how long he had been there, and he said since 2AM! It still blows my mind what these kids will go to for clothes, but I suppose clothes for them would be the equivalent to the latest E-40, or Mac Dre CD (pre-hyphy) for me when I was still so inclined about something (oh how jaded i've become :::sigh:::).

The sale was going great until half way through when the owner of the facility came by in an uproar, and began kicking people out. The sale was held at the Milk Bar in San Francisco, so you had to be at least 21 to enter even though there was no alcohol being served the owner could have gotten a fine, or had his liquor license revoked. Completely understandable but non the less sucked for some kids who had been waiting since the wee hours of the morning. One kid came up to me soaking wet telling me how he had driven from Santa Rosa, and had waited in line for nearly 4hrs! I felt bad for the kid, so I put on my cape and offered to help him out by grabbing a few things and bring them out side. This was good and bad because as soon as I helped him 10 more kids started putting in their requests, which got a little craz for a moment. A few of the hundo crew joined in, and we were able to help out the few that stuck around.

After the sale I hoped on the bus to my homie Chaves' house for dinner then met up with the TH boys for a little parlay at the Post store.

Be sure to come down to Santa Ana for OBEY's Holiday Sample Sale Friday, December 5th from 8am - 6pm, and again Saturday from 8am - 3pm at our warehouse located 3500 West Carriage Dr.

the end.


Spyderman said...

way to capture that frenzy. keep it coming with the pics

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Anonymous said...

Your so kinddd. lol no homo. Now waiting for the THLA sale. Even more crazy i bet. Stay Up! -Tony.