Sunday, November 23, 2008

lazy sundays...

It's been a while since I've had a lazy Sunday. The past few weekends I've been ripping n running around, so it was nice to just stay home relax for a change. I also haven't spent much time with the roomies, so it was nice to hang with them for a bit.

Ari's intern Vibe is staying with us for a couple of weeks before she heads back to Denmark.

I introduced her to Mac Dre, and we watched Trill T.V.

We all took a little walk down to The Coffee Table for breakfast.

I had the Eggs From Hell, spicy scrambled eggs mixed with Italian sausage topped with tomato slices, with a side of black beans and a red tortilla. It was amazing.

we just finished watch Entourage. What a weak ending.

the end.


Ben de Ayora said...

i miss taylor

Anonymous said...

kinda funny how right after you mention spending time theres a blunt, haha

and smoking weed together is indeed a good bonding, time spending experience, often some of the best conversations come about

SWITCH™ said...

i think we smoked like 15 blunts this weekend.

Matt said...

a weak end to my weekend. did they change writers this season? save for the ari/vincent hangar scene, the season was a bust.

here's to big love. Chloë, Chloë, Chloë!

DeWitz said...

Damn, that shit looks like crack- I want that Eggs from Hell dish asap-

And a Scorsese film??? Little to unbelievable for Vince's non-acting ass-

SWITCH™ said...

probably the best eggs i've ever had.