Sunday, December 28, 2008

sierra@tahoe shred sess...

Well, Christmas is over now. I hope Santa was as good to all of you as he was to me this year. It's about 7am, and I'm packing up before I head back to lalaland, but first I thought I'd kill some time with flix from Gizmo's stay in LA as well as my trip to Tahoe.

Last weekend my mum was in town visiting my grandpa, and she brought Giz with her so she left him with me while she handled some stuff for gramps. The girls loved Gizmo, he's such a ladies man.

This was also Ari's intern Vibe's last weekend with us before she heads back to Denmark. It's been fun having her stay with us this past month, and we'll miss miss her.

Before Vibe left her friend Meza came out here for a couple of days from Denmark to see her, and do some site seeing.

Hass, Chris, and Benjie came over for a little bit, and we all went down to Nicky D's pizza for lunch. I had the spaghetti with meatballs, which wasn't too bad.

I came up to the Bay Area for Christmas weekend to see the fambam, and to do a little boarding with the homies. Every year my mum and I usually go to Tahoe on Christmas day, but this year she was sketch on getting snowed in, so the tradition was finally broken :::sign::: Luckily I was able to go the next day with Slims brother Nolan, and my homie's Burke and Jake.

Nolan drove which was a relief because I couldn't find the chains for my tires, and there wouldn't have been much room in the whip.

the pregame

they were requiring chains around 2000 ft which was really weird because it was super sunny out, and not a bit of ice on the road...

Although it was pretty cold to say the least...

and only got colder the closer we got to Sierra...

This was my first day riding this season, so I was waaaaay excited. I heard that it was suppose to dump in Tahoe, so I didn't know if I wanted to ride the Lib Tech, or test out the new The Hundreds x Forum. The Lib is a 157, perfect for riding in the pow, where my TH stick is only a 152, which is just right for riding park. I didn't think there would be too much snow, so I took the chance with the new stick, and it didn't disappoint. The board has SOOOOO MUCH POP it's insane. At one point I was nosepressing down the mountain for a good 200 meters before going into a barrell rolling at hundred miles an hour.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunatly there aren't any flicks of us riding because we only got about 5, or 6 runs in before being kicked off the mountain. The homie's Jake and Nolan tried to pull the 'I left my season pass, and need a day pass' trick with Nolans season pass, so that Jake could get a ticket. Now we used to do this trick all the time back in the day, but alas the resorts have finally caught wind and are finally cracking down. Long story short, Jake got busted (f-u Steven Sagul looking ticket check guy). They hit him with a $700 fine, he's banned from Sierra @ Tahoe for 2 months, he still had to pay for the day, and he has to come back (all the way from Washington) for court. Fucking the system doesn't always work.

With the day of riding a bust we decided to just kick back, and drink a couple brews in the parking lot while Jake was being booked before heading back down to the Bay.

the end.

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Your Only Friend said...

Damn that's rough. I've never heard of them doing that before. I grew up in tahoe. super shitty. Hit up northstar last weekend for some killer jib sessions. good timezzz.
back in L.A. now boo.