Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend recap...

This weekend we celebrated Glen's bday for 3 days, and it was awesome. We started off at my ladies house with a little preparty of cup cakes, and champagne that she picked up before heading to Pho Siam Thai Spa for a couples massage. Afterward, we went to Glens to meet up with Tay and Brien, then headed to Avalon to see the homie Them Jeans, and ATrak rip it up.

The next day we met back at Anna's for preparting before the World Baseball Classic game. More drinking. More blazing. More piling.

After sleeping pretty much the whole day Sunday I met up with Tay, and we went to Glen's while my lady went to work. We had dinner at Noshi Sushi with pretty much all the homies with the exception of a few stragglers.

We headed to LAX after dinner, which was ridiculously packed. Free vodka or free anything all night will definitely get you a packed house. We tried to get Glen to roll and actually attend the party instead of taking flix, but no dice. I only saw a few homies, but it was still a good time.

Tonight's the finals of the WBC with Korea vs Japan, and then the Le Le show at the Standard on Sunset.


Glenjamn said...

thanks for blogging it...b/c it'll take me about a month to get my pics up ;)

The Corny Collins Show said...

I wanna go!