Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the hundreds 6 year anni...

Geez. Well, the storm has finally settled, which means I can finally do a little blizogging. I've been on practically 0 sleep the past two weeks while I do my part for The Hundreds site relaunch. The hard work has finally paid off, so check it out after you're done with this boring site.

I'm still solo dolo over here. It's been 5 weeks since the lady left for Russia to study abroad, but it feels much longer. Maybe because I hardly ever go out because this little trip has had me pretty down in the dumps. Evidently it's been showing more than I knew because the times I have gone out I've had people coming up to me asking if I was ok. Lucky for me the lady leave mother Russia Friday heads to Paris for a couple days, then back to the state. More importantly to me!

Anyway, enough sad sappy stuff. A few weeks ago The Hundreds celebrated their 6 year anniversary party at the Los Angeles shop. Nothing too crazy. Just a few of the homies eating tacos, and drinking beers.


Anna said...

Oh I could kill you for posting a photo of a taco! They don't have those in Russia!!!

SWITCH™ said...

sorry love :) we'll be sure to hit up all the sweet spots once you're back.