Wednesday, January 6, 2010

xmas/new years...

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates this past year. I'm really going to try to update the blog more this year with more of my own pics, but don't hold me to that. Work keeps me super busy, and now my training is going up 10 notches. By the time I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen.

Here are a bunch of flix from Christmas as well as New Years. I didn't realize I had been hoarding so many flix until I finished this post. :-/

The lady and I went over to my coworker Benjie's for a little Xmas cookie decorating party that his girlfriend Ducky put together a few weeks ago.

Next was Christmas.

The lady and I made the epic drive to the Bay Area with the dogs to see our fams.

pee break.

We drove up Christmas eve, and spent the night at my mums. She made us a really nice dinner, and my mum hardly ever cooks, so this was a real treat.

On Christmas day we drove to the lady's grandparents place to spend the day. Before we left LA her mum called, and said they forgot to pack the presents from Santa, and were scrambling to figure out what they were going to tell her little brother on Xmas day. We stopped by their house to get the presents, and on Christmas morning put them in the bushes around her grandparents house. Her little brother came to greet us at the door with a sad look on his face, and said Santa didn't come. We told him we were sorry to hear that, and we were sure Santa didn't forget about him. He was convinced that Santa must have been confused on where to deliver his presents since he wasn't in his house. Trying to get his mind off of that we told him that we liked the way they decorated the bushes with presents. He looked at us with a confused face, and asked what we were talking about. He looked in the bushes, and his jaw dropped. He shouted in side to his mum and dad that Santa had come, and his presents were in the bushes.

We told him that since his grandpa had closed the chimney Santa had to leave the presents on the roof, and the must have fallen in the bushes over night.

After we opened presents we took a little walk around the park before dinner.

After Christmas I left the lady with her fam for the day, and met up with some friends from my hometown. We made a quick trip to Tahoe, and did a little riding.

Next, back in lalaland we had a little New Year Eve party. Nothing too crazy since we have a little spot. Just a few of my friends, and a few of the ladys. My friend Bendel came up from San Diego with his dog One Eye Willy.

Willy kinda took over Kaia's bed/toys for the weekend.

After the count down we played a game of Taboo until about 3 in the morning.

The lady's little bro is a huge fan of TH. I gave him this shirt a little while ago, and his mum says he wears it all the time. From the looks of it you'd think he's had it for years.

time to call it quits for Willy.

Last but not least we painted, and got a new bedroom set.

It's late, and I'm tired. nite.

the end.


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You guys changed that kids life. So awesome.

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Good times