Saturday, August 28, 2010

r.i.p. dj am...

It's been one year since DJ AM passed away. I once did a photo shoot with Adam for a Vapors sneaker issue, but it never came to fruition no thanks to Vapors. I'd see him out from time to time, and he was always such a nice guy. One night the Roxy had a secret Justice show, and some how we ended up next to each other wrapping about Daft Punk for a good 1/2hr. I took this photo circa 2008 at Cinespace. I think this may have also been the night Kanye showed up along with the whole Ed Banger crew, but I could be wrong. That whole time period is still a bit fuzzy.

Thought I'd throw in this DJ AM Do Over MIX from '08. Enjoy

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columthealmighty said...

RIP AM, a truly inspiring DJ and person