Sunday, June 8, 2008

beats week: 6/8...

Wu Tang Clan - Stomp (The Bloody Beetroots remix)

Erkn Jerk - Dumb (this track GOES)

UGK - Wet Paint (Wally Sparks Mix) feat. T.I.

Unkle - Restless (Djedjotronic & Busy P remix)

Boy-8-Bit - The Suspense is Killing Me (Drop The Lime remix)

Louis La Roche - One Sampler, Glitch And A 909 (10min)

CSS - Let's Make Love (Calvin Harris remix)

Mr Oizo - Patrick 122 (Calling In Sick remix)

Cut & Run - Ravelight

The Cool Kids - Unos

DJ Skeet Skeet - April/May New Music Ver.2 (45min)(direct link)

Shinichi Osawa - Electro 411 (way craz)

Hood Headlinaz - Rollin' feat. Jackie Chain & Jhi-Ali

Re-Up Gang - 9mm

Sessions - Agitar Su Mono

Amplive - Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters feat. Mistah F.A.B. (MGMT on the beat)

Three 6 Mafia - I Got feat. Pimp C

i just realized for some reason all my old zshare tracks from past posts aren't working...not sure what the deal is, so if you want any past tracks email me.

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