Sunday, June 7, 2009

birthday brunch...

What an interesting weekend this has been. Some really really good, and of course some really really bad. I'll start with the good, and save the bad for another post. First off, the blog recently hit 250,000 views since starting back in '07. My boss gave me an old school KAWS print that I've had my eye on, and was collecting dust around the office. Bit of a birthday/departing gift, which I really really appreciated. Thanks a lot Chris you-da-man! My birthday is coming up this Wednesday, so since it's in the middle of the week the lady planned a little birthday dinner for me this weekend. My pops, stepmum, and little sister came down from the Bay Area, which was really cool. They got in pretty early, so we took them to Alcove for brunch (Alex Désert was sitting next to us. The only reason I remembered him was because he was on Boy Meets World, which happen to be one of my favorite shows growing up as a kid), and then walked around Melrose to kill a little time. Look for the bad in tomorrows post.

the end.

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meng said...

you hella look like your dad!